Rowing is fun for everybody!

Volans is developing Volans4all, a new skiff for beginners, in consultation with the international rowing federation FISA. The goal is an accessible and affordable boat for large groups of users, especially in developing countries. Such a boat could contribute to activities that aim to make rowing a universally practised and globally relevant sport and to spread the sport in all its forms.






First prototype

Based on the experience with other Volans boats, preliminary investigation of students and a design of graduate student Miguel Ángel Ortiz Carretero a first prototype has been developed. For this project Volans cooperates amongst others with TU Delft, Jules Dock (Rotterdam, composites) and Rovinox (IJmuiden, riggers). To develop this first prototype Volans has received a grant of 25,000 euros from the Dutch programme Sportinnovator.

Market introduction

The first prototype of the Volans4all is presented during World Rowing 2016 in Rotterdam in the Innovation Pavilion. Based on the evaluation of this prototype choices will be made for series production, market introduction and distribution. If everything goes according to plan the Volans4all will come on the market in 2017.